With over 30-years experience and facilities both in Taiwan and China, our professional team offer offers thorough services from product development, design verification, pilot run, mass production, to global logistics.

Mighty Net deliver one-stop service with quality and confidence.

我們是位於內湖的電子加工廠-彬松科技,敝社成立至今已逾25年, 隸屬於日本的老牌商社-東亞集團,從材料購買到最後包裝出貨, 一條龍式的服務可配合客戶需求提供,少量多樣的生產也是我們的強項, 堅持以日系品質, 台灣價格提供國內客戶優質加工服務。

總公司位於台灣新北市,1990年前往廣東省惠州市設立自有台資工廠。廠區面積 30300 平方公尺,廠房面積 20800 平方公尺。

擁有優秀的研發設計人員並可提供 OEM /ODM 的一條龍設計開發。
生產能力具有電子產品組裝加工線、模具開模、塑膠產品注射成型、SMT 加工線、手工插件線、噴漆印刷及組裝加工等服務。現有員工 300 餘人。

公司通過 ISO9001 認證﹐成為 ISO9001 合格工廠
2014 年 12 月通過 TS 16949 認證,並且是 MFI 合格認證工廠。


New Taipei City

Eco Balance Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan based company, established in 2014. EB has professional and experienced R&D team whom have great knowledge in optic, thermal, mechanics, electrical management and LED lighting applications.

Our business is focused on the following areas of operation:
• MCPCB, PCB Quick Sampling and Prototyping.
• LED circuit design, development, sampling and manufacturing.
• Optical consulting and testing services such as integrating sphere optic measurement, analysis and simulation.
• LED lighting solutions provider, to contribute innovative products of high quality and high efficiency.

Company History
1. Asialink Established in Taiwan for plastic mold & plastic injection molded parts. 2. 2002 Access star was established in Dongguan China for cable assembly, wire harness, PCB Assembly, led products, product assembly & box build . Our China Factory with ISO9001:2015 which covers an 5000 square meters in Changan town, Dongguan city. At present, 95% of our products are exported to worldwide, 5% for domestic market. We have elctronic engineer team and mold & mold parts engineer team in both Taiwan and China mainland which can deal with the new cases well.


Taoyuan City

Kentec provides EMS/OEM/JDM service in Taiwan and China including PCB SMT, DIP(MI), Testing, Assembling, Packaging from semi-finished product to finished product.

With 20 years manufacturing experience in electronic industry.
6 SMT Production Lines, 2 Manual Insertion Lines, 2 Assembling Lines.
300 employees.

AIC RD Tech Co., Ltd.

New Taipei City

Vast Technologies Inc.

New Taipei City

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