CTT經過20年以上的發展,擁有[ISO 9001,ISO13485,AS 9100] 三大認證, 產品的種類涉及航空・醫療・汽車・微波通訊・自動化・光學・機車・腳踏車・電子零件・LCD面板・半導體等產業。在不斷創新,發展,增長與合作的基礎上,我們擁有相當的技術水平滿足客戶工件加工的需求。

Metal smelting processing => Metal forming processing => Metal pipe and sheet metal processing => Turning and milling processing =>Surface treatment

Metal is processed consistently from raw material smelting to finished product,
It can be smelted and processed according to customer material requirements
and surface treatment to finished products,
Meet customer needs and create the highest metal field
(High temperature resistance, Corrosion resistance, Impact resistance, Wear resistance).

Leading metal processing JCG Industrial Co., Ltd

Undertake parts:
Life-Tables and chairs, Sports equipment, Metal bed frames, Electric fence door frames,Sidewalk fences, Barrier-free fences, Barrier-free toilet handles.

Medical-Medical equipment, Medical aids, Medical equipment, Medical tubing,Medical bed frame, Wheelchair, Scooter frame.

Transportation-Bicycle frame, Motorcycle frame, UTV car frame, ATV car frame,Automobile and motorcycle parts,Beach frame, MRT steel, Bridge steel structure.

Technology-Sputtering target, Clean room pipes, Rail pipes, Panel suction cups.

Petrochemical-CNPC reactor, Tubing.

Aerospace-High temperature resistant metal smelting, Aerospace aluminum alloy manufacturing (casting, forging), machining.

AIC RD Tech Co., Ltd.

New Taipei City

Vast Technologies Inc.

New Taipei City

Rich Easy was established in 1987 situated in TaiChung, Taiwan, since establishment, Rich Easy's focus has been on researching and developing in high quality plastic production. Though nearly 30 years of experience and dedication in our research and development, the quality of services we provide is in the forefront of plastic injection and production. And thanks to our dedicated R&D department in mould making, we are also experienced in providing comprehensive packaging solution Design services. That's why the essences of our company belief has always been about achieving our customers vision and need.
Rich Easy's range of offering are mainly plastic related, particularly customised design, moulding and production of hand held tools, cosmetic packaging, electrical components and much more. Management strongly believes in “Producing high quality plastic products and not compromise on cost/quality”, with this strategy in mind, the past 30 years Rich Easy have strive hard towards upgrading production and maximise quality. With our goal and vision set to expend towards the global market, we are always on the forefront in developing new plastic solutions, becoming a true in vanguard in plastic injection moulding.


Taichung City


New Taipei City

ARRK 亞克迪生

New Taipei City

創立於1993年,專業生產CNC車銑零配件(金屬棒材直徑5-40.0mm)、沖壓件(25-2001噸沖床、鋼材厚度0.02-5.0mm)、彈簧(線徑0.06-10.0mm)、 金屬線材(銅線、碳鋼線、鍍鋅鋼線)。


New Taipei City

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