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久恩在金屬網界已三十餘年,同時有機械製造 & 產品製造兩種身分,兩者相輔相成,在業界都是頂尖的品牌。世界上許多指標性金屬網廠,都可以看見久恩的機械設備;在台灣,久恩也是金屬網業界領導品牌,講究高精度規格的金屬網製作,以及量產/客製兩者兼具的產能。

SDI Corporation

Changhua County

Huanyong Daxingye

Taichung City

Yulong Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production of various industrial rubber and silicone parts.
In recent years, with the social responsibility of economic development, industrial changes and environmental awareness, Yulong Rubber is now involved in the development and production of silicone rubber parts for the electronic technology industry, biotechnology medical and consumer products, and continues to carry out product research and development. Process improvement, and strive to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Service items: production and sales of various industrial rubber and silicone products, which are widely used. In addition to the commonly used O-rings and standard rubber parts for sealing (gaskets), we also provide customized products developed for customer needs, especially special rubber products such as differential pressure diaphragms and water pans for gas equipment. , whether small or large quantities can be ordered.

service items:

Various types of hand hole frame cover

Tool Machinery Castings

Automotive sheet metal forming machinery mold castings

Hydraulic mechanical piston white milling casting

Plastic Injection Molding Machinery Castings

Rubber Injection Molding Machine Castings

Punch Die Casting Machine Castings

Aluminum Die Casting Machine Castings

Major engineering castings


Taichung City


Changhua County

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