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New Taipei City


New Taipei City

生產工廠。 小量也可以製作。

Fucheng Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of plastic products, specializing in R&D, design, manufacturing, maintenance and other related technologies such as plastic mold design and injection molding manufacturing.

The items that can be handled are not limited to electronic products, precision industries such as internal and external parts of mobile phones, complete sets of clock clock components, internal connection charger components of mobile phones, general merchandise, household hardware and other products.

GDI co., ltd.

New Taipei City

GDI is not only experienced in mold design and fabrication, molding parts, secondary molding processes and assembly, but, is also experienced in manufacturing turn key products.

With GDI’ s core business being injection molding, we can produce parts from a very small scale (less then 0. 3 grams in 5 mm size and within a tolerance of +/- 0.01 mm) up to a large scale (about 3,500 grams in 800 mm square and within a tolerance of +/- 0.8 mm). GDI’s in-house mold design and fabrication capabilities make this consistent level of precision possible.

In addition, GDI can also source any other types of parts needed for a project, i.e., sheet metal stamping, die casting, Al casting, machined parts, rubber molded parts, die cut parts, labeling, battery packs and PCB fabrication, testing and assembly.

In the last two years, GDI has worked with outside vendors to supply SMT PCB’s. This enables GDI to provide customers with completely assembled products that include PCB’s. GDI has also been certified to be a UL-listed manufacturer in Taiwan. This expands the ability of GDI to do EMS projects for our clients.

GDI has the ability to be your “One Stop Solution for Injection Molded Plastic Parts and Assemblies”.

The following is a list the plastic materials currently used by GDI for various production parts as specified by our customers.

GDI is familiar with all types of thermoplastic resins, and we can help you to select materials for your particular project or parts.
GDI can satisfy customers’ specification for both color and grade (UL 94 V0 or 94 HB). All engineering plastics can be provided with additives (Glass Fiber, Conductive material, PTFE, etc).

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