Taichung City

AIC RD Tech Co., Ltd.

New Taipei City

Huanyong Daxingye

Taichung City

Stainless steel laser cutting and iron processing factory
The scope of services includes: cutting, bending and leveling of large-scale laser cutting, CNC water jet cutting, 6-meter laser cutting tube, sand-polished flat iron, shot bar, angle iron, square tube, flat tube, and 6-meter half-side tube. All kinds of iron cutting, bending, punching, cutting, mechanical sheet metal, iron box processing and manufacturing.

Lida Precision Industry Co., Ltd. is precision casting parts by the lost wax casting method. The products include parts such as fan and mechanical hardware, automobile and locomotive, marine hardware, food machinery, textile machinery, pneumatic tools, etc. The materials are mainly stainless steel series, carbon steel, and alloy steel series.

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