Rufeng Industrial Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in plastic products and molds, development, design, manufacturing, OEM, ODM, plastic injection molding, surface coating, secondary processing, finished product assembly, etc.... Undertake domestic and foreign customers entrusted production and export.

service items
Design and development, mold and fixture manufacturing, plastic injection molding, surface coating, secondary processing, parts integrated assembly, packaging and shipping

Design and Development
Product design, product development, exterior design, mechanism design, NC MOCKUP production, RP MOCKUP production, mold fixture design, production line integration planning…

Mould and fixture manufacturing
All kinds of precision plastic steel molds, all kinds of two-color and three-color turntable molds, single-cavity, multi-cavity hot runner molds, twisted teeth forming molds, secondary wrapping molds, metal insert molds, IMD molds , Special engineering plastic application molds, inspection tools, fixture production.

Plastic injection molding
Single-color single-material/double-color double-material plastic injection molding, special engineering plastic injection molding, 2-time wrapping embedded injection molding, metal embedded injection molding, hot runner application plastic injection molding, various twisted teeth plastic injection molding, etc. Wait…

Surface coating, secondary processing, integrated assembly of accessories
Baking paint, electroplating, printing, laser engraving, bronzing, all kinds of labeling, and integrated assembly of various metal hardware and electronic parts...

Tool plastic accessories
For example: air tool casings, power tool casings, auto repair tools, hand tools, gardening tools, destruction tools, percussion tools, stationery tools, paint tools, cutting tools, measuring tools, lighting tools and other plastic parts Accessories and packaging accessories.

Electronic appliances related plastic products
For example: consumer electronic products, small household appliances, wearable electronic products, household appliances, computer peripheral products, communication products, OA office equipment, mobile phone and tablet peripheral accessories, audio-visual monitoring equipment related peripherals, etc.

Plastic parts for automobiles and locomotives
For example: bicycle related accessories, motorcycle spare parts, automobile interior and exterior accessories, auto department supplies, transportation equipment and plastic parts, etc.

Sports and fitness equipment related plastic accessories
For example: all kinds of fitness equipment, sports equipment, massage equipment, outdoor sports equipment, mountaineering camping equipment, snowboard pulleys and other plastic related products.

Medical supplies plastic products
For example: medical equipment, testing equipment, containers, rehabilitation equipment, baby products, medical and health materials, respirator equipment, etc.

Household products
Kitchen supplies, bathroom supplies, cleaning utensils, storage supplies, furniture accessories, lighting parts, kitchenware parts, food containers, cosmetics and beauty supplies containers, pet supplies, cleaning and hygiene products, etc.

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