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YCI is IATF16949 and ISO9001 certified plastic tooling and injection molding manufacturer in Taiwan.

Possessing over 30 years of experience and German mold technique.
Products: Dash cam , Automotive spare parts , Micro projector , Connector
Services: In-house tooling , Injection /Insert / 2K /Over molding , Print, Paint..
Industries: Automotive , 3C , Medical , Industrial , Telecommunication

Either precision parts or high cosmetic standards parts , all we could do !

KINGHEART was founded in 1975 as a professional plastic injection moulding company. Initially, the company focused on the production of sewing machine housings and parts. In order to meet the needs of our customers, we provide plastic injection, assembly and packaging services, and finally, we assist our customers in moving from concept to commercialisation, thus establishing the motivation for developing new products and brands.

With over 40 years of experience in working with Japanese customers, we have accumulated expertise in manufacturing complex products to meet our customers' demands for quality. Ultimately, in the spirit of serving the crowd and benefiting the society.

For the brand LOGO, we look forward to continuing to develop assistive products with the core spirit to illuminate every day of consumers. "Day By, Day Bright" is not just a slogan!

KINGHEART specialises in the development and manufacture of professional plastic products and has registered patents worldwide. KINGHEART quality products have been exported around the world and have earned a solid reputation for over 40 years. "Quality", "Innovation" and "Responsibility" are our beliefs as always. We also continue to work on brand upgrades and global patents, KINGHEART is the best innovative brand you can trust.


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本公司為全世界客戶專業生產汽機車零配件&電動汽機車零件 (汽機車傳動軸, 電動車傳動軸, 扭力轉換系統零組件, 減速機零組件, 汽機車傳動齒輪與軸類, 電動車傳動齒輪與軸類, 變速箱零組件, 輕重卡車傳動軸, 重型機車變速箱零組件, 汽車無段變速箱行星齒輪組, 和尚頭 "三角架球頭", 曲柄軸, 凸輪軸, 齒鏈輪, 汽門室,汽門, 啟動齒輪, 汽門頂桿, 桃心軸, 輪軸, 變速箱齒輪, 轉向機構齒棒小齒輪, 導螺桿, 萬向軸節, 球軸結, 羊角, 避震系統油壓桿, 葉片彈簧及插梢, 油泵等。),木工機零件 (電動工具機零件, 馬達零件, 減速機零組件, 電動工具馬達心軸, 電機軸, 變速箱零組件, 機械零件, 馬達心軸, 齒輪, 鏈鋸片, 機器無段變速箱行星齒輪組),機械零件 (搖臂, 走馬固定頭, 紡織紗管, 裁縫針板, 咖啡機心軸, 短軸心, 長軸心, 導軌, 機床絲杠, 主軸, 各式輪軸, 傳動軸),手工具零件 ( 扳手, 扳手扭力, 萬向本體, 精密工具 ) OEM客製化零件等。



線上目錄 http://www.shoushang8.com
連絡信箱 shoushang8@gmail.com


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CJCP Technology, Inc.

New Taipei City

Since 1987, the main business project is metal stamping. Through the activation of project management, it has developed into a company that provides integrated services such as customer feasibility research, design and planning, procurement and manufacturing, internal quality auditing system and after-sales service. With the potential accumulated by past efforts, there is absolute confidence to create better results and meet more challenges.

Company History
1. Asialink Established in Taiwan for plastic mold & plastic injection molded parts. 2. 2002 Access star was established in Dongguan China for cable assembly, wire harness, PCB Assembly, led products, product assembly & box build . Our China Factory with ISO9001:2015 which covers an 5000 square meters in Changan town, Dongguan city. At present, 95% of our products are exported to worldwide, 5% for domestic market. We have elctronic engineer team and mold & mold parts engineer team in both Taiwan and China mainland which can deal with the new cases well.

Metal smelting processing => Metal forming processing => Metal pipe and sheet metal processing => Turning and milling processing =>Surface treatment

Metal is processed consistently from raw material smelting to finished product,
It can be smelted and processed according to customer material requirements
and surface treatment to finished products,
Meet customer needs and create the highest metal field
(High temperature resistance, Corrosion resistance, Impact resistance, Wear resistance).

Leading metal processing JCG Industrial Co., Ltd

Undertake parts:
Life-Tables and chairs, Sports equipment, Metal bed frames, Electric fence door frames,Sidewalk fences, Barrier-free fences, Barrier-free toilet handles.

Medical-Medical equipment, Medical aids, Medical equipment, Medical tubing,Medical bed frame, Wheelchair, Scooter frame.

Transportation-Bicycle frame, Motorcycle frame, UTV car frame, ATV car frame,Automobile and motorcycle parts,Beach frame, MRT steel, Bridge steel structure.

Technology-Sputtering target, Clean room pipes, Rail pipes, Panel suction cups.

Petrochemical-CNPC reactor, Tubing.

Aerospace-High temperature resistant metal smelting, Aerospace aluminum alloy manufacturing (casting, forging), machining.


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Taichung City


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GANFON was founded in 1993 to develop and manufacture customized single-phase induction motors, three-phase induction motors, and power tools.
We design products that serve industries of all sizes with our rich experience, capability, and R&D resources, and also produce high-quality products to meet customers’ needs in a cost-efficient way.
Now our products have been supplied globally to Japan, Korea, USA, European countries and New Zealand.
Also, we offer OEM/ODM services to meet your demand.

TRS company

Taichung City

Founded in 2012, MTLL has shaped reputation for excellence in metal stamping as well as a wide range of deep-drawn metal components. With over 30 years stamping experience, we provide our customers tool design and manufacturing service. Industries we served include consumer electronics, automotive, telecommunication ,lithium – ion battery and semiconductor.
MTLL is dedicated to the highest quality and invested in the latest technology. We continue to challenge ourselves in developing new stamping techniques that improve quality, efficiency, and expand stamping as a production method. With few layers of management, hands on ownership, and extensive quality staff; MTLL is flexible and reliable to adjust with your changing business.

Chi Cheng Feng

Taichung City


Taipei City

Established in 2001, CRE8 is honored by iF Design as the Top 50 Design Studios Worldwide. We offer product design, branding, graphic design, packaging, UI design, mechanical engineering and production support while constantly challenging the status quo, questioning apparent constraints, and finding ways to innovate. We define and embody your vision in effective design solutions and always go an extra mile to infuse user-centered experiences and market values into the works we create.

Hongyang Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2000
Provide plastic injection molding, plastic injection blow molding, and complete assembly packaging services
Possessing 3D design capabilities and 3D printing technology to help customers speed up development and adjustment
Specializing in precision injection, injection blow molding OEM and ODM

plastic injection molding
With many years of experience in "TPR elastic soft materials" and "PC, PMMA transparent thick parts"
"Tritan, PA Transparent Food Containers" "Environmentally Friendly Composite Materials" Production Experience
Provide food containers, cosmetic containers, automobile and motorcycle parts, medical equipment, communication equipment, computer peripherals, sports/rehabilitation equipment, home appliances, bathroom equipment, 3C peripheral casings, mechanical parts, plastic products, etc., with high quality Injection molding services.

Plastic injection blow molding (one-step injection blow molding)
High-precision plastic injection blow molding machine with peripheral equipment from Wittmann Battenfeld, Austria
Providing manufacturing services for food containers, functional kettles, lamp shells, etc. that require dimensional accuracy and surface aesthetics.
We have professional post-processing machines to provide double-sided threaded bottle processing.

3D quick prototype (FDM, SLA, fiber laser engraving)
FDM (Fused Deposition) 3D printing, SLA (Liquid Light Curing) 3D printing
Provide customers with product proofing before mold opening to speed up development and adjustment.

Fiber laser engraving
Opaque plastic hardware, trademark, LOGO customization
Metal parts, trademark, LOGO customization

SPPIA possesses over 30 years of experience in customizing plastic products. We recommend suitable materials such as Fluoropolymer (PTFE, PFA and ETFE), engineering plastics and general plastics, based on customer requirements and usage environments. Our offerings include overmolding (metal + plastic and plastic + plastic) to address your needs and concerns.

Our manufacturing processes encompass injection molding, extrusion molding and CNC machining of sheets/rods, tailored to product designs and production volumes.

ARRK 亞克迪生

New Taipei City

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