King Heart Enterprise Co. Ltd.

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KINGHEART was founded in 1975 as a professional plastic injection moulding company. Initially, the company focused on the production of sewing machine housings and parts. In order to meet the needs of our customers, we provide plastic injection, assembly and packaging services, and finally, we assist our customers in moving from concept to commercialisation, thus establishing the motivation for developing new products and brands.

With over 40 years of experience in working with Japanese customers, we have accumulated expertise in manufacturing complex products to meet our customers' demands for quality. Ultimately, in the spirit of serving the crowd and benefiting the society.

For the brand LOGO, we look forward to continuing to develop assistive products with the core spirit to illuminate every day of consumers. "Day By, Day Bright" is not just a slogan!

KINGHEART specialises in the development and manufacture of professional plastic products and has registered patents worldwide. KINGHEART quality products have been exported around the world and have earned a solid reputation for over 40 years. "Quality", "Innovation" and "Responsibility" are our beliefs as always. We also continue to work on brand upgrades and global patents, KINGHEART is the best innovative brand you can trust.