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Rich Easy was established in 1987 situated in TaiChung, Taiwan, since establishment, Rich Easy's focus has been on researching and developing in high quality plastic production. Though nearly 30 years of experience and dedication in our research and development, the quality of services we provide is in the forefront of plastic injection and production. And thanks to our dedicated R&D department in mould making, we are also experienced in providing comprehensive packaging solution Design services. That's why the essences of our company belief has always been about achieving our customers vision and need.
Rich Easy's range of offering are mainly plastic related, particularly customised design, moulding and production of hand held tools, cosmetic packaging, electrical components and much more. Management strongly believes in “Producing high quality plastic products and not compromise on cost/quality”, with this strategy in mind, the past 30 years Rich Easy have strive hard towards upgrading production and maximise quality. With our goal and vision set to expend towards the global market, we are always on the forefront in developing new plastic solutions, becoming a true in vanguard in plastic injection moulding.


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"Giving value to products and meaning to life through design" is the origin and core of Fuyu Design.
Fuyu Design is a service company focusing on product design. We focus on industrial design and extend a series of design services downwards, including product design, packaging design, graphic design, commercial photography, product videos, etc.

1. Product design
It mainly includes preliminary research, market survey analysis, design proposals, three-dimensional modeling, design adjustments, rendering output, data collection, etc. Innovation, carefulness and empathy are the key points that we attach most importance to in product design. Innovation is a necessary condition for design, so that innovative products can have a good entry point in the market. Carefully handling every detail is what we attach great importance to in design. Enthusiastic and responsible performance. Using empathy, we understand the real needs or problems encountered by users from the perspective of users, and then improve the design. On the other hand, we use the perspective of manufacturers to make products easy to produce, save costs, and create value. That's the most important thing.

2. Model making
Model production content mainly includes 3D file confirmation, material purchase, material processing, surface treatment, detail adjustment, model assembly, etc. Our company's model production methods mainly use 3D printing and laser engraving. Of course, if you have other processing needs, we can also handle it for you! Save you valuable time!

3. Commercial photography
Commercial photography will be shot according to your needs, imagery and content you want to express! Whether it is back shots, situational shots, or even indoor space photography, they all fall within the scope of our services. Commercial photography and commercial videos can be said to be the most important materials in the Internet era. You can use photos and videos for marketing and advertising!

4. Product videos
Product videos are divided into many types, such as instructions for use, unboxing videos, image videos, advertising videos, etc. Different types have different focuses. For example, instructions for use focus on details and operations, and advertising videos need to be preceded by 5 Use key points to attract viewers in seconds, etc. Before designing, we will discuss with you the type of video you need and propose shooting storyboards to discuss with you! We will do our best to produce the content you need!

If you have any ideas, you are welcome to contact us!

Contact information:
Company address: 10th Floor, No. 163, Section 2, Datong Road, Xizhi District, New Taipei City 221
Contact number: 02-86926130
Company website:


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Established in 2001, CRE8 is honored by iF Design as the Top 50 Design Studios Worldwide. We offer product design, branding, graphic design, packaging, UI design, mechanical engineering and production support while constantly challenging the status quo, questioning apparent constraints, and finding ways to innovate. We define and embody your vision in effective design solutions and always go an extra mile to infuse user-centered experiences and market values into the works we create.


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KHPACK has been an experienced paper pulp packaging manufacturer for over 20 years and was founded with the idea to present a more environmental friendly packaging solution.

Being the leading designer and manufacturer KHPACK has tried hard to change the image of how people look at traditional paper pulp products.
With a powerful design team of its own which makes customize order acceptable.

KHPACK has successfully accomplished numerous of customer’s requests in different industry usage.

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