Machien Industry

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Machien Industry is a shoelaces and webbing manufacturer and supplier located in Changhua's textile stronghold (i.e., Shengang Township). We not only provide OEM services for international brands, but also have more than 20 years of cords and textile accessories development and manufacturing experiences. Some of the product categories include fashion garments, outdoor sports and leisure products, industrial supplies, medical equipment and gifts wraps. The specific rope or strap items range from elastic strings, bias binding (cross-grain), garment strings, reflective ropes, flat shoelaces, round shoelaces, triangular shoelaces, squared shoelaces, knitted ear loops, knitted neck ropes, backpack shoulder straps, safety helmet belts, to electronic cord covers, and the like. We also offer various post-processing processing (such as lace-tipping, waxing, gift wrapping, anti-wrinkle, waterproof, flameproof, etc.) as well as certification services (such as tensile test, safety report, environmental records based on the standards of the European Union, and etc.). If you are thinking about creating new products, you are also welcome to cooperate with us to develop popular products that rock the international market.


Site Area
At lease 15,000 square ft.
Storage Capacity
At least 7,000 square ft.
300 million yards
Proofing Cycle
2-14 work days