Hanson Industrial - Taiwan Plastic/PMMA/Acrylic Injection Molding Factory

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Hanson Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional plastic injection and acrylic injection manufacturer with nearly 30 years of experience in plastic homeware design, acrylic OEM, and plastic OEM. Skilled in OBM products, ODM and OEM manufacturing, Hanson offers one-stop services that range from producing 3D product design blueprints, product module production, plastic module production, to plastic molding, acrylic molding, resin casting, and product packaging.

On top of plastics and acrylics, Hanson also produces plastic casings for tools and machinery. We have also expanded to manufacturing plastic and acrylic homeware including bottles, cans, and frames in both plastic and acrylic. We can produce and undertake plastic injection molding of a variety of plastic and acrylic products.

Moreover, we can also provide a variety of plastic and acrylic product choices by providing hot foil stamping, transfer printing, plastic printing, and spray printing on plastic and acrylic products

Professional plastic and acrylic module development are also available for customers looking for customized products. Our clients range from Japan, the United States, to the Middle East, and we are widely recognized and acclaimed for our manufacturing quality. Hanson’s plastic and acrylic products will never fail to disappoint

Hardware products OBM, ODM and OEM:
R&D of plastic and acrylic modules
Heat transfer printing and hot foil stamping for plastic and acrylic products
Printing on plastic and acrylic products


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