Yuhsien Design Studio

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After graduating with master’s degree in product from Domus Academy, Yuhsien Lin started working in a furniture design company in Milano. In the year of 2017, Yuhsien founded his eponymous studio, thus expending more opportunities of design. His studio has covered many fields. ranging from the design of small objects, such as tableware, to the more complicated ones, such as furniture. furthermore, the design also participated from craftsmanship to industrial scale, even shoes design, art deco and electronics. In addition, the furniture design was a collaboration with IKEA, it was introduced to the exhibition show on the Triennale di Milano, which gives the studio and design the chance to work with the fortune global 500, such as STARBUCKS, IKEA, DJI… etc. The studio constantly challenges itself to grant its identity into the objects, while preserving the original aesthetics of the objects.