Yang Ann Technology

Taichung City

Yang Ann Technology Corporation established in 2005, provides customers with the best quality products and the best services with 14 years of professional technology. Operating in good faith is our commitment to customers, and we achieved ISO9001:2015 quality certification in 2017. Ourmain businesses include: precision parts design, customized mechanism design and CNC precision machining, and we have a variety of professional manufacturing machines to meet customers’ needs, including: CNC milling machines, CNC lathes, electric discharge machines, wire cutting machines, grinding machines, precision testing machines, etc. We also have paint baking equipment.

We can customize milling machine components, lathe parts, molds & jigs and other products according to customers’ needs. The industries we serve cover semiconductors, optical components, auto parts, motorcycle parts, and more. Our professional engineers, design teams, quality assurance teams, etc., provide customers with the best quality and service through our quality service, innovative technology, strict adherence to integrity, and core value of quality control.

Hanson Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional plastic injection and acrylic injection manufacturer with nearly 30 years of experience in plastic homeware design, acrylic OEM, and plastic OEM. Skilled in OBM products, ODM and OEM manufacturing, Hanson offers one-stop services that range from producing 3D product design blueprints, product module production, plastic module production, to plastic molding, acrylic molding, resin casting, and product packaging.

On top of plastics and acrylics, Hanson also produces plastic casings for tools and machinery. We have also expanded to manufacturing plastic and acrylic homeware including bottles, cans, and frames in both plastic and acrylic. We can produce and undertake plastic injection molding of a variety of plastic and acrylic products.

Moreover, we can also provide a variety of plastic and acrylic product choices by providing hot foil stamping, transfer printing, plastic printing, and spray printing on plastic and acrylic products

Professional plastic and acrylic module development are also available for customers looking for customized products. Our clients range from Japan, the United States, to the Middle East, and we are widely recognized and acclaimed for our manufacturing quality. Hanson’s plastic and acrylic products will never fail to disappoint

Hardware products OBM, ODM and OEM:
R&D of plastic and acrylic modules
Heat transfer printing and hot foil stamping for plastic and acrylic products
Printing on plastic and acrylic products

YEA WEN PLASTIC CO., LTD was founded in 1972. We are a professional manufacturer specializing in plastic mold design and R&D / injection molding and components assembly. Over the years, YEA WEN PLASTIC has focused on related technology development and mold manufacturing. We have a professional team, complete production lines and excellent machinery and equipments for the purpose of providing customers with the best quality and the most complete services so as to go after maximum profits.

Our company has an excellent management team. By upholding business philosophy of "Customer Satisfaction, Quality First," quality and services provided by our company have been affirmed by all sectors. Furthermore, YEA WEN PLASTIC has received ISO9001 / ISO14001 international certification.

In order to achieve vertical integration of the supply chain and independent technology as well as to provide customers with better services, YEA SEN STEEL MODEL CO., LTD was established in 2004. From mold development, finished product injection to assembly, a complete "One-Stop Service" is available to customers. It is expected that we can provide more comprehensive products and services. In the ever changing business environment of the industry, INTER KAPPA was established in Thailand in order to provide customers with global services, including related products and technology services. We strongly believe that innovation is the way of developing a sustainable business for an enterprise. We are able to offer our customers with a full range of services through professional mold and institution R&D.


Taichung City

我們是以FDM 3D列印為基礎的設計及製造工作室

硬質有一般PLA / 高強度PLA
軟質有 FLEX (>90A) / TPU90A / TPE80A / TPE65A

Line ID: giraffechiu
Email: 3dcrafting.life@gmail.com

我們的FB專頁: https://www.facebook.com/gogo.3d.crafting
我們的軟材料FB專頁: https://www.facebook.com/tpe3dprinting?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

With over 30-years experience and facilities both in Taiwan and China, our professional team offer offers thorough services from product development, design verification, pilot run, mass production, to global logistics.

Mighty Net deliver one-stop service with quality and confidence.



Specialized in machining difficult-to-cut materials 專業加工特殊材料
Machining size from dimension φ1 to φ50 (mm) 可加工尺寸從φ1 to φ50 (mm)
Complex and precision machining 可製作複雜且精密的加工品
Provided all in one machining and assembly service 提供一條龍加工及組裝服務
Effective reply for Engineering Change Notice 有效率的回覆客戶工程變更設計

YCI Industrial Co.,Ltd

New Taipei City

YCI is IATF16949 and ISO9001 certified plastic tooling and injection molding manufacturer in Taiwan.

Possessing over 30 years of experience and German mold technique.
Products: Dash cam , Automotive spare parts , Micro projector , Connector
Services: In-house tooling , Injection /Insert / 2K /Over molding , Print, Paint..
Industries: Automotive , 3C , Medical , Industrial , Telecommunication

Either precision parts or high cosmetic standards parts , all we could do !

CTT經過20年以上的發展,擁有[ISO 9001,ISO13485,AS 9100] 三大認證, 產品的種類涉及航空・醫療・汽車・微波通訊・自動化・光學・機車・腳踏車・電子零件・LCD面板・半導體等產業。在不斷創新,發展,增長與合作的基礎上,我們擁有相當的技術水平滿足客戶工件加工的需求。

KINGHEART was founded in 1975 as a professional plastic injection moulding company. Initially, the company focused on the production of sewing machine housings and parts. In order to meet the needs of our customers, we provide plastic injection, assembly and packaging services, and finally, we assist our customers in moving from concept to commercialisation, thus establishing the motivation for developing new products and brands.

With over 40 years of experience in working with Japanese customers, we have accumulated expertise in manufacturing complex products to meet our customers' demands for quality. Ultimately, in the spirit of serving the crowd and benefiting the society.

For the brand LOGO, we look forward to continuing to develop assistive products with the core spirit to illuminate every day of consumers. "Day By, Day Bright" is not just a slogan!

KINGHEART specialises in the development and manufacture of professional plastic products and has registered patents worldwide. KINGHEART quality products have been exported around the world and have earned a solid reputation for over 40 years. "Quality", "Innovation" and "Responsibility" are our beliefs as always. We also continue to work on brand upgrades and global patents, KINGHEART is the best innovative brand you can trust.


數十年來堅持以品質及迅速確實的服務立足於業界,2007年開始申請並通過UL安規認證數個系列開關產品,2009年建立並經審核通過ISO9001:2008 (於2019年已更新至ISO9001:2015)。未來會更積極的開發,更精確的設計及更嚴謹的製造來服務國內外的舊雨新知。美吉仕要以更堅強的團隊來提供專業服務,為客戶合作開發各類型相關產品。

美吉仕企業有限公司衷心感謝 您們的愛護與支持。



2012年6月通過 ISO 9001:2008認證


Taichung City

SRU 3D列印工廠位於台中豐原,有百台工業級3D列印機,與超過20年經驗的工業模型後製團隊,公司專注工業設計以及機構設計的極致,幫助您的想像快速量產,免除冗長的模具等待與巨額投資,讓您搶得市場先機;並專注於精密大型公仔製作,擁有專業的3D數位雕刻團隊,可以迅速、完美的將2D圖像轉換成3D立體實體模型!


New Taipei City

Opto Plus LED Corp. was established in Year 2009 which is a professional Taiwan LED Manufacturer, and major products is included SMD LED, LED THT Lamp, LED Display include : LED 7-segment display , LED alphanumeric display, LED Dot Matrix display , LED Custom Display and Capacitive Touch LED Display.
OPTO PLUS LED COPR. Buliding opto plus led corp main product
We can provide both SMD(Surface Mount Device) and THT (Through-hole technology) package type for almost each product depend on customer's demand. Our LED display end-product application are focused in White Goods (Home Appliance), Consumer Products, Dash Board for motorcycle and scooter and many others applications that display number or english alphabet.

In Year 2019, Opto Plus LED Corp. set up SMT Line to support SMD on board products as like Dash Board LED display and White color LED Display. Opto Plus LED Corp. has one manufacturing plants which is recognized with ISO9001-2015 quality. Opto Plus LED Corp.'s monthly productivity for Chip on board (COB) LED product is with 3KK per month of Single digit 7-segment LED display and 2KK per month of SMD LEDs for SMT Line (For example: 3Kpcs/month for GOGORO 2 PLUS Dash Bard).Both products line all are under 100% static free and Pb free process.
The Goal of Opto Plus LED Corporation is to be your reliable, one stop, total solution partner.


New Taipei City


New Taipei City

CoMax Nameplate

Taipei City

CoMax Nameplate Industrial Co.,LTD is a leading manufacturer in Taiwan.

According to every customer’s unique needs, we have produced all kind of nameplates, Graphic overlays, labels, die-cut components and decorative parts with different material. Which are used in automotive, consumer electronics, sporting goods, packing solution and various special industries.

We have only one mission: Making your products the best they can be.
That is still the purpose that drives us. Even though it might be just a tiny part of your entire products, we take it seriously more than you can imagine.


New Taipei City

CJCP Technology, Inc.

New Taipei City

Since 1987, the main business project is metal stamping. Through the activation of project management, it has developed into a company that provides integrated services such as customer feasibility research, design and planning, procurement and manufacturing, internal quality auditing system and after-sales service. With the potential accumulated by past efforts, there is absolute confidence to create better results and meet more challenges.

Eco Balance Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan based company, established in 2014. EB has professional and experienced R&D team whom have great knowledge in optic, thermal, mechanics, electrical management and LED lighting applications.

Our business is focused on the following areas of operation:
• MCPCB, PCB Quick Sampling and Prototyping.
• LED circuit design, development, sampling and manufacturing.
• Optical consulting and testing services such as integrating sphere optic measurement, analysis and simulation.
• LED lighting solutions provider, to contribute innovative products of high quality and high efficiency.

Company History
1. Asialink Established in Taiwan for plastic mold & plastic injection molded parts. 2. 2002 Access star was established in Dongguan China for cable assembly, wire harness, PCB Assembly, led products, product assembly & box build . Our China Factory with ISO9001:2015 which covers an 5000 square meters in Changan town, Dongguan city. At present, 95% of our products are exported to worldwide, 5% for domestic market. We have elctronic engineer team and mold & mold parts engineer team in both Taiwan and China mainland which can deal with the new cases well.

Metal smelting processing => Metal forming processing => Metal pipe and sheet metal processing => Turning and milling processing =>Surface treatment

Metal is processed consistently from raw material smelting to finished product,
It can be smelted and processed according to customer material requirements
and surface treatment to finished products,
Meet customer needs and create the highest metal field
(High temperature resistance, Corrosion resistance, Impact resistance, Wear resistance).

Leading metal processing JCG Industrial Co., Ltd

Undertake parts:
Life-Tables and chairs, Sports equipment, Metal bed frames, Electric fence door frames,Sidewalk fences, Barrier-free fences, Barrier-free toilet handles.

Medical-Medical equipment, Medical aids, Medical equipment, Medical tubing,Medical bed frame, Wheelchair, Scooter frame.

Transportation-Bicycle frame, Motorcycle frame, UTV car frame, ATV car frame,Automobile and motorcycle parts,Beach frame, MRT steel, Bridge steel structure.

Technology-Sputtering target, Clean room pipes, Rail pipes, Panel suction cups.

Petrochemical-CNPC reactor, Tubing.

Aerospace-High temperature resistant metal smelting, Aerospace aluminum alloy manufacturing (casting, forging), machining.

Dongguan Komi Model Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2014. It is a model design and production company based on 3D printing high-tech. The equipment has dozens of large-scale SLA, SLM and DLP laser 3D printers. The technical team has 15 years of experience. The above-mentioned prototype production experience is based on the design and production of high-precision and high-speed product models, and provides 3D printing services and high-quality products as the purpose. It mainly provides self-service 3D printing, batch 3D printing and various types of model production services, including Industrial prototype production, electronic parts, logistics models, sand table building models, industrial products, ships, cars, airplane models, toy models, art statues, etc., serving construction, transportation, art statues, clocks, gifts, medical equipment, electronics, etc. In a wide range of fields such as products, we strive to develop and create more valuable products for customers. We are a long-term partner of many enterprises and entrepreneurial teams.

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