KINGHEART was founded in 1975 as a professional plastic injection moulding company. Initially, the company focused on the production of sewing machine housings and parts. In order to meet the needs of our customers, we provide plastic injection, assembly and packaging services, and finally, we assist our customers in moving from concept to commercialisation, thus establishing the motivation for developing new products and brands.

With over 40 years of experience in working with Japanese customers, we have accumulated expertise in manufacturing complex products to meet our customers' demands for quality. Ultimately, in the spirit of serving the crowd and benefiting the society.

For the brand LOGO, we look forward to continuing to develop assistive products with the core spirit to illuminate every day of consumers. "Day By, Day Bright" is not just a slogan!

KINGHEART specialises in the development and manufacture of professional plastic products and has registered patents worldwide. KINGHEART quality products have been exported around the world and have earned a solid reputation for over 40 years. "Quality", "Innovation" and "Responsibility" are our beliefs as always. We also continue to work on brand upgrades and global patents, KINGHEART is the best innovative brand you can trust.


Taipei City

Moori Design

Hsinchu City

Company History
1. Asialink Established in Taiwan for plastic mold & plastic injection molded parts. 2. 2002 Access star was established in Dongguan China for cable assembly, wire harness, PCB Assembly, led products, product assembly & box build . Our China Factory with ISO9001:2015 which covers an 5000 square meters in Changan town, Dongguan city. At present, 95% of our products are exported to worldwide, 5% for domestic market. We have elctronic engineer team and mold & mold parts engineer team in both Taiwan and China mainland which can deal with the new cases well.


Changhua County

Chuan Ho

Taichung City


New Taipei City

JING SHING PEARL CASE CO., LTD. had developed Plastic Pearl TECH in 1992.

Plastic Pearl TECH is development combined different plastic materials. It appears natural gloss similar to shells and better than pearl effect. Without coating or second process, Plastic Pearl TECH effect Plastic gets brilliant shining gloss. This material could be applicable to the surface of product, household goods, cosmetic boxes, toys , car parts, stationery, etc.

Rich Easy was established in 1987 situated in TaiChung, Taiwan, since establishment, Rich Easy's focus has been on researching and developing in high quality plastic production. Though nearly 30 years of experience and dedication in our research and development, the quality of services we provide is in the forefront of plastic injection and production. And thanks to our dedicated R&D department in mould making, we are also experienced in providing comprehensive packaging solution Design services. That's why the essences of our company belief has always been about achieving our customers vision and need.
Rich Easy's range of offering are mainly plastic related, particularly customised design, moulding and production of hand held tools, cosmetic packaging, electrical components and much more. Management strongly believes in “Producing high quality plastic products and not compromise on cost/quality”, with this strategy in mind, the past 30 years Rich Easy have strive hard towards upgrading production and maximise quality. With our goal and vision set to expend towards the global market, we are always on the forefront in developing new plastic solutions, becoming a true in vanguard in plastic injection moulding.


New Taipei City

"Giving value to products and meaning to life through design" is the origin and core of Fuyu Design.
Fuyu Design is a service company focusing on product design. We focus on industrial design and extend a series of design services downwards, including product design, packaging design, graphic design, commercial photography, product videos, etc.

1. Product design
It mainly includes preliminary research, market survey analysis, design proposals, three-dimensional modeling, design adjustments, rendering output, data collection, etc. Innovation, carefulness and empathy are the key points that we attach most importance to in product design. Innovation is a necessary condition for design, so that innovative products can have a good entry point in the market. Carefully handling every detail is what we attach great importance to in design. Enthusiastic and responsible performance. Using empathy, we understand the real needs or problems encountered by users from the perspective of users, and then improve the design. On the other hand, we use the perspective of manufacturers to make products easy to produce, save costs, and create value. That's the most important thing.

2. Model making
Model production content mainly includes 3D file confirmation, material purchase, material processing, surface treatment, detail adjustment, model assembly, etc. Our company's model production methods mainly use 3D printing and laser engraving. Of course, if you have other processing needs, we can also handle it for you! Save you valuable time!

3. Commercial photography
Commercial photography will be shot according to your needs, imagery and content you want to express! Whether it is back shots, situational shots, or even indoor space photography, they all fall within the scope of our services. Commercial photography and commercial videos can be said to be the most important materials in the Internet era. You can use photos and videos for marketing and advertising!

4. Product videos
Product videos are divided into many types, such as instructions for use, unboxing videos, image videos, advertising videos, etc. Different types have different focuses. For example, instructions for use focus on details and operations, and advertising videos need to be preceded by 5 Use key points to attract viewers in seconds, etc. Before designing, we will discuss with you the type of video you need and propose shooting storyboards to discuss with you! We will do our best to produce the content you need!

If you have any ideas, you are welcome to contact us!

Contact information:
Company address: 10th Floor, No. 163, Section 2, Datong Road, Xizhi District, New Taipei City 221
Contact number: 02-86926130
Company website:


New Taipei City

Hongyang Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2000
Provide plastic injection molding, plastic injection blow molding, and complete assembly packaging services
Possessing 3D design capabilities and 3D printing technology to help customers speed up development and adjustment
Specializing in precision injection, injection blow molding OEM and ODM

plastic injection molding
With many years of experience in "TPR elastic soft materials" and "PC, PMMA transparent thick parts"
"Tritan, PA Transparent Food Containers" "Environmentally Friendly Composite Materials" Production Experience
Provide food containers, cosmetic containers, automobile and motorcycle parts, medical equipment, communication equipment, computer peripherals, sports/rehabilitation equipment, home appliances, bathroom equipment, 3C peripheral casings, mechanical parts, plastic products, etc., with high quality Injection molding services.

Plastic injection blow molding (one-step injection blow molding)
High-precision plastic injection blow molding machine with peripheral equipment from Wittmann Battenfeld, Austria
Providing manufacturing services for food containers, functional kettles, lamp shells, etc. that require dimensional accuracy and surface aesthetics.
We have professional post-processing machines to provide double-sided threaded bottle processing.

3D quick prototype (FDM, SLA, fiber laser engraving)
FDM (Fused Deposition) 3D printing, SLA (Liquid Light Curing) 3D printing
Provide customers with product proofing before mold opening to speed up development and adjustment.

Fiber laser engraving
Opaque plastic hardware, trademark, LOGO customization
Metal parts, trademark, LOGO customization

儷妍實業股份有限公司 創立於2003年,擁有上千坪廠房,全廠區以流暢動線及明亮空間規劃佈置,引進高效率的生產包裝設備,符合國際標準衛生管理,謹慎嚴守環境之安全衛生,重視產品內容物及外包裝之品質控管。

儷妍 擁有專業的研發技術團隊,深入了解客戶需求,結合市場趨勢進行產品開發與改良,用心開發及生產製造,堅持高品質且有競爭力的產品。

儷妍 通過ISO 22716國際品保認證、歐洲理事會頒佈之GMPC認證及美國食品和藥品管理局頒佈之FDA GMPC認證,全廠符合國際標準規範。


From professional mold design and development, injection and blow molding, customized secondary processing services (painting, bronzing, printing, etc.) to strict quality control, we are constantly committed to the R&D and manufacturing of cosmetic packaging containers, focusing on their functionality. , appearance, originality, and R&D, production and marketing of related extended industries.

Product item:
Specializing in all kinds of injection molding, hollow molding products and plastic containers, PP, PS, ABS, PETG, acrylic cosmetic containers, product items include: cream cans, vacuum bottles, water bottles, ball bottles, makeup series, etc.

Customized project:
Cosmetic container electroplating / spraying / printing / bronzing
Accept the original factory commissioned design and manufacture ODM
Accept the original factory commissioned OEM manufacturing

For the professional mockup model production team, we provide customers with the review and confirmation of the appearance, material application, color, surface treatment, structural strength and assembly accuracy in the product development stage with fast and high-quality real models.
In recent years, the company has established ID/RD design department and mass production management department, combined with related companies: Dongyou Enterprise, Liwei Precision Industry, Qiaoyang Injection Industry, to provide customers with product appearance and organization, from design to successful mass production The most complete service.

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