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Hongyang Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2000
Provide plastic injection molding, plastic injection blow molding, and complete assembly packaging services
Possessing 3D design capabilities and 3D printing technology to help customers speed up development and adjustment
Specializing in precision injection, injection blow molding OEM and ODM

plastic injection molding
With many years of experience in "TPR elastic soft materials" and "PC, PMMA transparent thick parts"
"Tritan, PA Transparent Food Containers" "Environmentally Friendly Composite Materials" Production Experience
Provide food containers, cosmetic containers, automobile and motorcycle parts, medical equipment, communication equipment, computer peripherals, sports/rehabilitation equipment, home appliances, bathroom equipment, 3C peripheral casings, mechanical parts, plastic products, etc., with high quality Injection molding services.

Plastic injection blow molding (one-step injection blow molding)
High-precision plastic injection blow molding machine with peripheral equipment from Wittmann Battenfeld, Austria
Providing manufacturing services for food containers, functional kettles, lamp shells, etc. that require dimensional accuracy and surface aesthetics.
We have professional post-processing machines to provide double-sided threaded bottle processing.

3D quick prototype (FDM, SLA, fiber laser engraving)
FDM (Fused Deposition) 3D printing, SLA (Liquid Light Curing) 3D printing
Provide customers with product proofing before mold opening to speed up development and adjustment.

Fiber laser engraving
Opaque plastic hardware, trademark, LOGO customization
Metal parts, trademark, LOGO customization


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