Loong-Yee Industry - Plastic Injection Molding/Mold Design/EMS

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Loong Yee Industry was founded in June 1988. The company started with only 3 plastic molding injection machines for domestic orders of toys, stereos, and parts of automobiles. With years of practices and experiences, the business has reached consumer electronics industry. We professionally produce the accurate plastic parts of laptops, monitors, scanners, projectors, mobile phones, flash drive, and more.

In 2008, the research and development department was established for electronic products. Now, our product, On Touch Smart Switch, is patented in Taiwan, North American, Europe, and other countries.

Because of the years of experiences, Loong Yee has grown into a company with good reputation and the finest technique. And we are still moving forward with the updated technology and the latest trend.


Site Area
92515 sq ft
120 employees
Storage Capacity